Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dear Mom and Dad...

When we were in Nebraska, my grandmother decided to go through her (and grandpas) things and start cleaning some stuff out. She is going to be moving in with my aunt and will not be able to bring nearly everything she has. So, she was trying to find out who wanted what and throwing away what nobody wanted.

I spotted this old typewriter/WP in the throw away pile and decided to snag it. I said that my girls would love this and would think it was a great toy! Ever since they saw the Kit Kittredge movie, they've actually known what a typewriter is.

So, I brought it home and boy was I right!! They love this old fashioned thing and they fight over whose turn it is. The other day Morgan was typing something that she didn't want anyone else to see until she was done. Once she completed her work, she came to me and handed it to me quickly before disappearing out of sight. Here is a picture (from my phone) of the letter.
In case you can't read the words easily, they say (misspellings, bad grammar and all :) :


"Mom you are the best mom ever, and very crazy. You teach me school that sometimes I don't like; you are most of the time fun. Your the best coupon lady that I know. My life would not be the same with out you. You teach me about God, and how to work things out (espeshely with my siblings) and deal with them. Ilove you very much."


"Dad you are the best dad ever and very funny You are very smart and work very hard. I love when you tell jokes ( only the ones that are funny) you are one of a kind! thers no one like you. That hit in the head game is still funny you can't speak oplinglopish like mom can I love you very much"


In case you are wondering, Daddy and Morgan have this game where they surprise each other with a smack on the forehead. For some reason, they both think this is very funny and do it all the time. Also, the language she is talking about is a made up language that my parents used to speak once my siblings and I could spell and they needed another way to talk in front of us without us knowing what they were saying. I tried to carry on this tradition, but my hubby can't speak a word of it :)


Jaime said...

VERY SWEET! I love some of that Hallmark language she uses also (can't live without you stuff)! ESPESHELY sweet!!!!

oh, and I'm sure Uncle Jarrett will love know that she still thinks the smacks on the forehead are funny (she should have never said that one)!

Jackie Sue said...

too cute!

Jennifer C said...

Precious! Definitely something to save.:)

Sheridan said...

Priceless...definitely worth bringing the typewriter home even if it was never used again!!!
( c :

MoonNStarMommy said...

LOL - my husband does the smack on the forehead thing with the kids.

I'm new (again?) to Homeschooling - I have been searching for other bloggers that homeschool. I am pulling my 13 yr old out and homeschooling him exclusively and I'm homeschooling my 7 year old during the summer (he does well in school right now but I may leave it up to him.) I also have a 2 yr old and an 8 month old (all boys)