Saturday, May 16, 2009

Girl Scouts

We are joining Girl Scouts this year. For some reason, I have not really looked into this possibility before now. My niece joined a troop this last school year and has really enjoyed it. The big selling point for me is the low cost for the year. The actual dues are only $12/year. You do have purchase the vest/sash, but other than that, you really don't HAVE to spend anything else.

Well, my biggest hold back in doing this is the fact that I have 3 girls that are in 3 different levels of Girl Scouts. I have no interest in running around 3 different night of the week to accomodate them all in their own troop. So, I started to ask around and look into multi-level troops. I didn't know there was such a thing, but there is. I talked to the troop leader of Annalise's troop and we are going to try to and be sister troops and meet at the same place, same time.

Oh, wait, did I mention that I am going to be co-leading this group with Jessica? Yep, just added one more thing to my plate. So, Jess and I will be leading the combined Brownie and Junior troop and we will meet the same time as the already existing Daisy troop.

I am a little nervous and overwhelmed at this possibility. But, I also know that as the leader, we can make things as easy or hard as we want. I didn't realize how much flexibility there is in girl scouts. So, I'm thinking that atleast this first year, we are going to take things pretty easy.

If you or anyone you know are interested in joining this troop (grades 2-5), just shoot me an e-mail.


The Ice House said...

I hope your girls (and you) enjoy it. My girls were in it for a while but the cost was killing me! Every time I turned around the scouts were going cream, movies, theater, camp-outs, on and on. We didn't "have" to go, but it gets really hard to tell your girls over and over "no" when all the other girls get to go.
Not trying to be a downer here, just sharing our experience. With you as a leader at least you will have say-so in the "doings".

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Ice House,

That is one of main reasons for wanting to be the troop leader. I bet we will be known as the "cheap troop" before long. I don't care though. That's how I roll :)

Jaime said...

Calling the shots will make the cost difference! There is so much "FREE" or cheap in Orlando anyways. You can still make it fun! We will have fun this year! Annalise is SO excited her cousins are joining!!!

Anonymous said...

Fun, fun, fun!! :)

Glaston Totes said...

My daughter is in a merit based scouting troop called Fronter Girls.

Frontier Girls is a merit badge based program focusing on traditional values, patriotism,
community service and a love of learning.

Our multi-level troop is a homeschooling troop and has about 30 girls, 11 of which are in my daughters level - 6th to 9th grade. It is so nice that she gets to help out the younger girls during the bimonthly meetings yet also gets to have a Butterfly meeting once a month too. We are not impressed with the girl scout organization and their values so it was very nice to find this troop and that it is all homeschoolers. They start each meeting with a flag ceremony and bless their snacks before they are passed out.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

homeschool mom to Geoffrey and Genevieve - 5/8/96

PS: at their meeting yesterday they made a big banner to send over to our troop in Iraq = What our country means to us" and today we are going to a flag retirement ceremony at our local VFW. We "hooked up" with this VFW at Christmas when we served them dinner (we made $200 in tips which we are using to send boxes to Iraq each month) and today we are doing a Tall Flag performance and singing for them.