Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Relaxing at the Beach

So, our good friends invited us to stay with them at the beach this past weekend. They have family that owns a beach front condo.

Well, the invitation came on Thursday. It was near the end of a very, very rainy couple of weeks. The forecast for the weekend did not look much better, but how often can you stay at the beach for free? Plus, it was Memorial Day weekend, so the offer was until Monday.

So, off to the beach we went.

Wouldn't you know it... the weather turned out to be just perfect! We arrived Saturday afternoon and it didn't rain 1 time when we left. Sunday was my favorite. It was cloudy, so the temperature was perfect. I usually don't like the beach because I can't stand to be hot, sweaty or dirty! But, Sunday was beautiful.

Monday was great for the kids and the dads, but Jess and I decided to spend most of the day enjoying the view from the room. I read part of a book and just relaxed. The whole weekend turned out really nice.
I have to let my kids do THIS...

Before I can get THIS...
I remembered one of the things I love about my husband this weekend...
He'll stay all day in the hot sun with the kids and let them get filthy while I hide in the room :)
We watched a group of teens, I'm assuming in training, jump off the end of this dock and swim to shore. Very entertaining :)
It wouldn't be vacation without the girls making new friends.
They even exchanged numbers when we left :)
After a good bit of work, Morgan was able to get her kite up in the air.
The girls had a "Camp Rock" kiteAnd Jordan had a Spider-Man kiteWe even had all 3 (including Jess's) going at onceJordan was excited to head out with daddy
This is how he boogie-boardedHe decided he was not crazy about the water, but he wanted some for his bucket. So, he would go to the edge of the water and wait for it to come to him :)
Sydney had a hard time pushing against the waves, so daddy had to help pull her.
They finally got out there and were able to ride some waves back. Morgan spent most her time out in the water with her dad.
Avery collecting shells
Working together


Mimi said...

GREAT pictures, Cassie. And I was able to copy them all! Looks like you all had a really good time!

Pamela said...

Ooh...what beach? Since living here we have been to the Gulf side twice (Indian Rocks Beach) and the Atlantic once (St. Augustine for Mother's Day). Always looking for good recommendations from the "locals." Great pictures. I love the B&W ones the best!
God bless, Pamela

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...


We went to New Smyrna this time. I really don't like the beach unless I have somewhere to go clean off (condo or something). New Smyrna is a beach where you cannot drive on... I like that with all the little kids we have. Makes me have one less thing to worry about. The beach is just south of Daytona.

Jill said...

Oh, I was thinking this was fun on the gulf side...but we are heading to St. Augustine in a few weeks with our teens from church...I do love the pics, and I do love your help with the coupons...thanks again so much. I was able to go to Jessica's site and "meet" her today, we are in the middle of the adoption process, her story is amazing.

Ruth MacC said...

Brilliant memories.