Monday, May 11, 2009

Backyard Camping

While we were in Georgia this weekend, my sister-in-law came up with a crazy idea. She decided to set up a tent in the back yard and let all the older girls (4 and up) camp out over night. She is so fun and full of ideas like this. The kids had a great time and little sleep. Here are some pictures.Listening as I read the biography of Laura Ingalls
The main event of the weekend was Jarrett graduating with his Masters. On Friday night, we headed out to the college with all the kids. Allison got a little bored until she sat on Uncle Cory's shoulder and rubbed his almost bald head.Jaime and Mimi and Papa got there early enough to ensure front row seats for us all. Luckily for Jarrett, that made it even easier for him to hear the screams :)Here is a picture of the whole family with the graduate.


shunee said...

How Nice!! I love doing stuff like that :).

Congrats to the Graduate!

Joel and Keturah Mayer said...

I love that they went camping in the back yard. Its so fun and I would totally do something like that.

Anonymous said...

What fun, spontaneous memories!! Good job Jarrett! :) Christie