Monday, November 3, 2008

Room Swap Update

Well, my kids have been in new rooms for over a week now. So far, things are going well. Morgan definitely helps keep Sydney on task when they are cleaning the room. Somehow, that is still the room that gets trashed daily. But, it is staying clean more often with her in there. Avery has actually done a fair job at keeping her room clean as well. She has not been in there long enough to get it really trashed and she hasn't had to clean the bathroom yet. But, I have seen her do much better with a smaller mess that she has to clean on her own.
But, the best part is...
LESS FIGHTING!! Avery and Sydney have been way better around each other. They still are the ones that bicker the most in my home, but it has been so much more tolerable this week.
I wish we would've done this a long time ago. Switching rooms will probably be a more regular occurance in our home from now on.
I am sure that they are all still in the "honeymoon" stage and there will be issues to deal with around the bend. For now, I am enjoying a little more peace and quiet.


Anonymous said...

Oh good, glad to hear things are a little better! Love, Christie

Flamingo Mama said...

a little creativity goes a long way!

i tagged ya...if you want to play;)