Friday, November 14, 2008

Dress Up Craziness!

This is what happens when 4 girls are left unattended at Aunt Jaime's house.


Jackie Sue said...


Brittani said...

Those PICS are GREAT!!! I just love when girls play dress up. Too fun! :-)

Jaime said...

You got them up before I did! I think I will just link to you :)I just love the creativity!!!

amanda said...

I want to be invited to their parties.


Jen said...

These are great pictures!! They are going to have so many memories from growing up together.

Yes, I tried a cigar and it wasn't that bad. :) I know that is yuck but you never know unless you try! :)

I tagged you! Love you! Jen

Anonymous said...

How cute!! What fun they have are blessed to live so close! Christie