Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Abstract Thinking 8 Year Old

Avery is definitely my artsy-fartsy kid. I rarely can relate to her train of thought. Today was no exception. She has been writing songs for a couple of weeks now. Her cousin and her wrote a song last week and sang it for the camera. This week, she came up with a new one and I was so surprised at how abstract her words were. Here are the lyrics:

"The rain is falling low and dripping in the lava.
And even though I keep trying, I keep falling.
But, you are my God and You are in control.
You are my God and you are in control of everything.
I can fly through my dreams and make them come true."

I don't exactly know what this means, but it just tickled me to hear her sing these words that she came up with all on her own. She said she isn't finished with it yet, so I may be posting the finished product in a couple of weeks.
Right now, all her songs are still praise and worship songs. I certainly do love that! She is going to stretch me more and more as she grows. I pray God gives me the wisdom in how to encourage her creativity and the way he created her instead of squelching it. Don't you just love the way God has made each one of us so different? How boring would life be if all my children were just like me? (Amanda/Andrea, don't answer that, it's supposed to rhetorical)


Flamingo Mama said...

oh my. she sounds just like me when i was her age. i was composing music and choreographing musicals and writing plays.

sadly i really thought i was going places.

i still have fond memories of making a video to lisa welchel's album.

my mom kind of "held off" on hugely encouraging me...i think because i had some pride issues going on. however, i think it is much better to make a super big deal that God them that talent for a reason...and to always use it to glorify Him.

Jen said...

That song is so cute! I loved the video or her and Annalise singing!
I think Andon is quite a bit like this as well. I wonder where he gets it! :) He's very creative and using his imagination all the time. The other day on the way to school I looked at him in the mirror and saw a him making differant face. I said "Andon are you ok"? He said "Mom, I'm just playing"! Well we proceded to go through that 2 more times on that 10 min. drive to school. He was just so in character I kept thinking somthing was wrong!!

Our little creative, unique kids!! Just love them! :)

Valarie Daly said...

she sounds like my rachelle! It was a challange sometimes to give her the freedom to be who GOD created her to be! She was our child who would spend hours swinging and singing, making up her own songs at times! It is so neat to see her now as a young adult, voting for the first time, trying to figure out how to best glorfy her sweet JESUS with the talents and gifts he has blessed her with! She was our most challenging child, and now what a joy to see how she has grown into a young lady committed to her savior, and willing to do his call on her life!

Andrea said...

Thank God they are all different, what would be boring for you would be ANNOYING for all of us!!!!! By the way my best friend and I used to tape ourselves singing and we were the original Spice Girls she was Ginger and I was Cinnamon!!!! We also did synchronized swimming!!!! I guess no matter how much times change kids are still kids. Love you, Andrea