Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In Georgia

Well, we made it to Georgia. We arrived here late last night (around midnight). We caravaned up with Jarrett and Jaime so we had one of their kids and they had one of ours. It worked out very well. We watched 1 movie and then everyone went to sleep (well, except Cory).

I was talking to my mother-in-law last night about my relaxing down time comment in the previous post. She doesn't forsee any relaxing down time here with all the craziness of cooking, kids and what not. I told her that I can cook, clean, entertain and anything else as long as my husband is here to help me with the kids. Compared to Saturday, almost anything could be considered relaxing :)

Today, we will start to cook some of the dishes and Jaime has planned some fun crafts to do with kids. I have planned some informational books to read to the kids. Hmmm... which one of us is going to be more fun? Jaime has always been pretty good at thinking up those crafty and fun activities that the kids will remember year after year. To see what she thought up 2 years ago when we were all here together, check here.

Right now, my kids are playing outside in their winter jackets and raking up a big pile of leaves to jump in. THAT is definitely something they can't do in Florida. Coming to Mimi and Papa's is full of new and exciting things!


Anonymous said...

We are in Nashville with Jamey and Annette. Annette and I made all of the side dishes and desserts today. I am making cinnamon rolls tonight to warm up in the morning. We will have just the turkey and ham to deal with tomorrow for a stress free day! We are enjoying our time here. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

Dianna M.

Flamingo Mama said...

Holidays with families are the absolute best!

i bet the kids are so excited for the informational books:)