Friday, November 28, 2008


Today is Black Friday. We started a tradition several years back where we look for the absolute best deal we can find for something we actually want and wake up at the crack of dawn to stand in line for it.

For me, this tradition is only fun when we have the $$ to buy the things that are on a good deal. And, you have to save a significant amount for it to truly be worth the ungodly hours of the morning.

For my husband, brother-in-law and father-in-law, it's a different story. They have decided that this is a great "guy bonding" tradition. So, whether there is a terrific deal or not, they scour the papers looking for something to buy.

This year, Staples had a $40 bluetooth on sale for $9.99. My husband or I have never had a wireless earpiece. So, this became the item worth the insanity.

Before I go any farther, I would like to take a quick poll. How many of you know exactly what I am talking about when I say a bluetooth is on sale? There is a very good reason for this question. This became the topic of conversation last night between myself and my brother-in-law.

You see, he is a computer geek and he feels the need to make sure that I use the correct terminology when referring to these electronics. Apparantly, bluetooth is a technology, not an object. So, you cannot purchase a "bluetooth". You CAN purchase an earpiece with bluetooth technology. But, I think that takes way to long to say and I'm pretty sure every other common folk know what I am talking about when I say bluetooth.

So, I would just like to see how many of you would refer to an earpiece with bluetooth technology as a bluetooth.

Anyway, I am actually excited about this new purchase. I know I am a couple years behind, but they are very cool. I look forward to being one of those people now that you can't tell if they are crazy and talking to themselves, talking to you or... on their "bluetooth".


Anonymous said...

Oh, how I hate the wireless earpieces, the crazy people pushing carts in the grocery store while apparently talking to themselves, the people being dead rude to cashiers and not ever even realizing it...The ads with David Beckham wearing one, implying that you will look like D.Beckham and not an insane street person. I hope you enjoy yours but this is one technology I am happy to leapfrog.

Robin (also a FL mom of 4 daughters)

amanda said...

Of course your brother in law is correct - c'mon Cassie

love amanda

Tara said...

I call my ear peice my bluetooth. Just like you. And I am very glad I had it when I drove to New York from Florida with my 4 children. In some states it is against the law to talk on the cell while driving. In NY they will pull you over and ticket you.

Jaime said...

He's gonna love this when he reads it. Amanda, you just went up on his list :)

Flamingo Mama said...

wow! men shop on black friday? my hubby would rather poke his eyes out;)

i am not out of things, but i still have no idea what bluetooth is or what the purpose of the wireless ear pieces are.

this is coming from a gal with a cheap pre paid cell phone that is rarely used;)

Stacy Ann said...

I love mine!! And especially since we moved to NY. I don't use it a whole lot in stores and I always hang up when I'm checking out. But its a life saver, I even use it at home! And my dog looks at me and cocks her head to the side trying to figure out who I'm talking to, its hilarious!

Abby said...

I have to say that I am aware that Bluetooth is technology and a wireless earpiece utilizes that technology. Goes with having a tech-y husband, I think. I do have one but am usually embarassed to use it in public. It is VERY convenient for car talking, but a little annoying b/c the technology works like a 2 way radio and 2 people can not talk at the same time. Guess it will teach me not to interrupt. How do you like yours so far?