Monday, August 25, 2008

School Schedule

Here is the schedule that I have put together for school starting today!! Class is in session. For clarification, PGO stands for a learning opportunity expounding from what they will be learning Fridays at class. This can originate from 1 or 6 subjects (History, Bible, Art, Drama, Music and Science). I will probably focus mostly on History, Bible an Science. I do not have any other curriculum I will be using for those 6 subjects. Another clarification is that during the morning time with Morgan and Avery, I will be doing lots of instruction. During the afternoon, they will do mostly independent work while I instruct Sydney. I have Math on there in both time slots because I will teach the lesson in the morning, but they won't work on it until afternoon.
I am anxious to see how this schedule goes. I know it always looks great until you are in the middle of it. My biggest concern is the lack of time for housework anywhere in my schedule. That is going to be tricky to keep up with.


Kelly said...

That is YOUR nap right??!! :o)

Dearest Jessica said...

Looks great!

now to only be able to stick to it...maybe you should hire a maid/ Just an idea. ;)

Brandi said...

Agh! That looks overwhelming already!

Love ya!

Jaime said... pretty! I'm jealous! You know I love organization!

I'll be praying for your first week of school!


Donna(mom24boyz) said...

I finally just gave up on the thought of fitting chores in period. I am committing to do my heavier housework at night. My goal is to have the house look nice at night, so in the morning we start out with a clean slate.

No dishes on the counters, but thru the day, the morning and lunch dishes will get there--during dinner cooking/prep time I will get those cleaned up.

I worked out a schedule of cleaning certain things for each day of the week.
Mon-Family Room/Laundry Room
Tues-Living room/dining rooms mopped, bedrooms dusted/vaccumed
Wed-bathrooms get deep cleaned
thurs--kitchen gets deep clean/fridge cleaned out/floors mopped
Friday--I focus on our bedroom(getting ready for the weekend!)
Then enjoy my weekend!

lifelaughterchaos said...

seeing this makes me think more about homeschooling! although i am glad to see that devotions don't start every day at 8a!

HOWEver, i have 1 child now in school all day, and 1 ready to go for the makes me excited to sit and sip my coffee while i read my blogs;)

great job!