Friday, August 8, 2008

The Funnest Aunt Award - Help!!

I have my 2 nieces for the weekend (Friday morning-Sunday afternoon), so that my husband's brother and his wife could go away for the weekend.
I am planning to reclaim the title as "the funnest" before the weekend is over. So, what are some great ideas on being a fun aunt. I already learned a couple from my cousin in Texas. She wrote a great post about cooking with her kids and niece. So, #1 on my list is to cook with the crew.
In case you are wondering, Jaime and I vie for the position as the funnest mom all the time. She is way better at letting them get messy and doing crafty projects with them. I am way better at letting them jump on furniture, run in the house and be crazy. Lately, she has done some fun things with the kids just to one-up me. Well, she is going down!!
But, I am going to need your help. I am not all that creative. So, give me your best (easy, non-messy) ideas for a fun weekend with 5 girls and 1 boy. I want to hear, "Aunt Cassie is the funnest!!" by Sunday :)


Jackie Sue said...

Stay up furn board games and watch fun movie with them! From the funnest mom ever :)

list mama said...

Two words - ICE CREAM! You'll be the best Aunt ever!!


Anonymous said...

I once had several kids over and we made french bread pizza. I dressed up in an apron, fake mustache, wooden spoon, and underwear on my head (I did not have a chef's hat). I ran around the room shouting, "I'm Papa Pizza, whata do ya wanta on your pizza". Chris H. was over then and giggled so much. He still remembers it and that was over 6 years ago. Of course, Ingrid thought I was crazy, but I had a lot of fun.

Dianna M.

Jackie said...

My girls love a scanvanger hunt! Make up several clues that take them all through the house, inside and out, with a small prize for everyone at the end. I sometimes attempt to draw pictures on the clues - which cracks them up. To make it more fun (and last a little longer) they must all hold hands the entire time.

Obstical course is fun too and they can do it over and over.

Have fun!

Kelly said...

I love some competition! Water activities outside are always fun. Squirting each other w/the hose, or playing slip and slide. Making your own popsicles are easy and not too messy. I'll keep thinking for you.

Amy said...

shaving cream fight ( outside )

Andrea said...

Crush up oreos, buy gummy worms and bugs, different color icing in a tube so that they can mix the colors,sprinkles , you can even make fingers with icing and lady fingers to stick out of the cupcakes! Boys love this. Then they can all trade and you can take pictures off them eating the gunk! Spa night for the girls. Cool Aunt Cassie and the girls can make homemade masks out of oatmeal and such, cucumbers on the eyes, hair in pink sponge rollers, fingernails and toenails, and some good smellin' lotion don't forget the coke floats with cool-whip and a cherry on top!While the girls are gettin' pretty.. The boys could have popcorn peanuts and M&M's mix and Coke floats with Dad while they all watch Swiss Family Robinson or a John Wayne Western OR the Original Star Wars! My boys will do that any day of the week! Whatever you do...take lots of pics. I can't wait to see!