Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School

So, today is supposed to the first day of school for my kids. I have nothing prepared yet (except the curriculum I already bought). So, we will see if I can get it together by this afternoon. If not, we have 4 more days of Summer!! I just love the flexibility of homeschooling.


Stephanie said...

I love the flexibility too! We tried for 2 weeks in a row to get started (we're early starters) and both weeks we had someone ill in the home. Finally, we've started and are now getting into the swing of school again.

I started a "Homeschool Mondays" at my blog hoping to share and learn tips and helpful hints from all the homeschoolers out there. I hope you might consider participating!

You can find this week's link at:

Jaime said...

Cassie, we had a lot of fun this morning with Sydney. Something I am doing with them this year is learning a bible verse for each letter of the alphabet. Ask Sydney about letter "A."

Good luck with planning!


Thehotrod5 said...

Oh yikes! I am so Anal retnetive about that sort of thing that it is NOT good. I had my lesson plans done for the 1st 3 months before we ever finished drives me crazy to not end on time and to not start on time! I keep having to remind myself..."it's ok...I am not a mini public school...."

Brandi said...

Is it weird that I'm so nervous that you are going to get mean comments here? ha ha. . .relax! Your kids are WAY above the average iq and can handle a week off!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

I so wish I could put off lesson plans, but alas I must be completing them soon. Fortunately, two of our math teachers are helping us out with the lesson plans for the first two weeks. My first day went well with the kids... but we are off tomorrow. I am totally pooped because I taught from 7:30 to 1:50 with only a 20 minute break for lunch. This was my day for not having a plan period because we are on a modified block schedule.

Hope things go better the rest of the week. Don't stress, you'll get it done.


Billie said...

i know that this would be me if i were to homeschool. i can be very undisciplined with some things (and crazy anal about others)...but I KNOW me...I would always be...ah, they can learn this tomorrow.

Andrea said...

THANK THE LORD! I am not the only one. Yesterday was SOOOO beautiful I could not do it.
My oldest is a FRESHMAN this year! I just want to put a big rock on his head and make him stop growing. HEY ! I have an idea!
Let's start school on a day that it RAINS!



Lisa said...

Hey fellow homeschool momma. That is what I love also. We intertwine life and learning. In fact, that is happening right now. We take our oldest to college tomorrow :(, so 'formal' learning has taken a back seat this week with all the preparations.

Take care,

Lisa Q

Jared, Jen and Andon said...

I was feeling the same as Bran! :) That's awesome that you can take the rest of the week off if your not ready! Andon and I started our homeschool preschool yesterday. It was fun!
Love you! Jen

FromThe Creek said...

Same thing just happened to me too. Not only did I not have all of my lessons planned, but some of my curriculum arrived later than scheduled. That is ok though because I had enough to do this week without rushing that too.