Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oh, Ya... I'm the Funnest!

Here are some picture from yesterday. We had another fun day. We spent a good part of the day swimming again. In Florida, during the Summer, this is what we do. After swimming, we started to play beauty parlor.
I started by washing their hair in the sink.
Then, everyone needed their nails painted. Look at daddy jumping in. Doesn't he look like he is having fun? He also helped blow dry hair.After our nails were done, it was time to work on the hair.Jordan wanted to be involved too. So, he dressed up like a lion and we made his hair the mane. Doesn't he look scary?It wouldn't be dress up without make-up. I even let them use the dark lipstick!
Once everyone had their hair and make-up done and dresses on, we added some of my mommy's jewelry. They got to wear my fanciest stuff and put on a fashion show. It fabulous darling, simply fabulous! This is Sydney and Annalise "striking a pose".Here is Abbie's pose.
This is Morgan making her way down the runway. Later on, she was the announcer for the other kids. I took several videos of that, but they are all sideways and I can't figure out how to rotate them. Notice the "red carpet".
And here is Avery striking a pose.
So, at the end of the day, everyone was screaming that I was the funnest!! I did it, I did it. I'm going to bed...


Thehotrod5 said...

Wow that sounds like fun! Washing and doing hair could never be on our list takes about 4 hours (average) to do ONE of my girls hair...and that doesn't count washing or taking down the previous do! When we do both our girls hair it is an alllllllllllll day affair!

It sure looks like you won your award! Congrats!


Billie said...

yes, you are super cool!

Brenda said...

Fancy fashion show! The lion was especially fierce!

Andrea said...

Ladies and Gentlemen. We have a Winner! That is the COOLEST lion I have EVER seen!


Brando said...

These girls are apparently destined for fame and fortune! Congrats to the funnest mom/aunt 2008 hands down winner!

WhitneyR said...

That brings back memories of my times!

Tammy said...

That looks like so much fun!

MacCárthaigh Family said...

ay to go!!! Tell the girls they look great!

My sister and friend Mary has a daughter who will be 10 soon and I told her she should do something special. (They have left the idea's to me)so I am going to run this by them, show them the blog and see if they will do this. I think it is a winner, especially for little girls. She has a 4 year old boy and the idea of not leaving him out and dressing him up as an animal is super!

Stephanie said...

This looks so much fun! My daughters would LOVE this! Might just copy your idea... :) A day late, but I have posted my Homeschool Mondays if you'd like to participate!

Livin' out loud said...

I want to come and play at your house!!!

Lisa said...

I miss those days, mine now have their own makeup bags! The oldest taking her makeup bag off to college in less than 2 weeks. Enjoy!

Lisa Q

Jared, Jen and Andon said...

What a fun night! Getting all dressed up and having a fashion show! You are so fun Cassie! :)

Andon love the picture of Jordan as a lion... :)
Love you, Jen

Sarah said...

Wow, you are the funnest! I would have given up after the hair washing...... :-)
Your girls look adorable (we have the same red Asian dress), and your boy is impressive.

What a fun night, that your kids will always remember!