Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday, Monday...

My day started at about 11:00 last night. Avery woke up and started to "retrieve" her dinner. The bummer thing about Avery getting sick is that she has NEVER made it to the bathroom on time. She is my #1 culprit of carpet vomit. This may be more than you are asking for. Too bad. I'm not done yet.
So, we were alerted to the upheaval by my other 2 daughters who were sleeping in the same room and ran upstairs to tell us.
I must say, we have become much more efficient in the cleaning up of such occasions over the years. We immediately knew that the wet/dry vacuum was needed. If you do not own one yet, buy one. I cannot tell the amount of times we have used this machine.
After cleaning the carpet, cleaning the child, getting the other 2 children to bed in a different room, moving the sick child to our room, starting a load of laundry... we went back to sleep. I say we went to sleep, but really, we just went to bed.
Every 30 minutes for the rest of the night (until 4:30 a.m.), I was awakened to help my daughter. Now, you may think that it is just the initial throwing up that she has difficult timing. But, alas, you would be wrong. Every 30 minutes, I had to anticipate what was coming when she made any movement at all. I would grab the bowl and by the time I placed it under her chin, she was already started.
So, needless to say, I slept with one eye open all night long.
We have been doing slightly better today. She has eaten 1/2 a piece of toast and drank a small amount of water and has been able to keep that down.
The strange thing about this whole sickness is the complete lack of fever from my little girl. There are actually 2 other family members that are feeling the same way and we all ate dinner together last night. I am hoping that the food did not settle well with these 3 and we will be done with this today. Otherwise, I have a virus on my hands that will spread like wildfire through my other children.
Oh, the joys!!


Anonymous said...

I have been where you are. So sorry you are dealing with this today. Keep your chin up and your nose plugged. If you need any "oust" or "nutra air", let me know, I have tons of the stuff.

We will pray that it won't spread!

Dianna Mason

Anonymous said...

Oh bummer!! I am so sorry! Hopefully it won't go through the house!


Under the Florida Sun said...

Yucko. Oh I can't stand it when my girls get sick. Sometimes I feel so helpless. You just want to make them feel better instantly.
Hope today and tonight go better for you and it's only a short thing..

Tammy said...

I hope she feels better! There is nothing worse then a sick child.

Billie said...

uughh...that's the worst. we had our share this summer of puke...what's up with this summer sickness?

Amy said...

WOW! - your Monday sounds even more fun than mine :) !

Donna(mom24boyz) said...

Oh you poor thing, hope it gets over fast.....and yes I know all about the joys of owning a shop vac!

Thrifty Florida Mama said...

Hope she and everyone else is feeling better today! Get some rest and hopefully it's not a nasty virus that will stick around.