Monday, July 7, 2008

Cavity No More!!

I was reminded by a reader that I never posted an update of how Sydney's appointment with the dentist went. So, here is the low down:
1. We arrived at the office at 9:30 a.m. on Wed., the 25th.
2. She was taken back at about 9:45 a.m. (they don't let the parents go back).
3. At about 10:30 a.m., I hadn't heard anything from a nurse or anybody. I went up to the front desk and asked for them to check on my girl.
4. She came back and told me that she was doing good. She said they were giving her a break at the moment because it looked like she had been crying. She said her eyes were all red.
Well, that is all I needed to hear. I asked if I could go back with her. She said (in her most professional voice), "We really don't like the parents to go back." I explained to her that this is the first type of any work Sydney has had. As I tried to explain why I should be allowed to go back and comfort her, I started to cry. GREAT! Now I have to walk away and go to the bathroom to regain my composure. As I walk away, I hear her saying to me, "She'll be o.k. You'll be o.k." NOT what I wanted to hear!!
5. I came out of the bathroom (a little embarrassed that I had been crying) and I sit in the waiting room with my arms crossed. I know this may sound a little childish, but I knew if I didn't make myself mad, I would probably start crying again. I did not like the thought of my little girl in the other room crying and me unable to give her any comfort. I felt very helpless.
6. Within about 20 minutes, I was called back to a room where they would bring her to me.
7. When she walked in, she seemed fine. She was happy and showing me the prizes she got. I thanked the dentist and left (still in a bad mood).

So, she was able to get away with a filling that he hopes will be all she needs. We will only know for sure as time goes by.
I do not plan on returning to this dentist unless necessary. The dentist we go to encourages my presence while they are working with my kids. I don't like feeling like an intruder when it comes to my kids.


Jackie Sue said...

We just went to a new dentist for my girls and they don't let me go back after the initial visit...I don't like that either. Glad you were both ok though :) I guess the truth is that kids make a bigger deal when their moms are there. i know I see that at church, so it must be the same at the dentist. Plus parents will transfer their dentist fears to their kids maybe. Anyway, I am not crazy about not being with my girls either.

Billie said...

i would feel sick in my stomach too if i thought they were back there crying!

Tammy said...

I'm glad she did good. Our dentist allows one parent to come in with the kids.

Meg in Tally said...

I was just about crying WITH you! No way would I stay with a dentist who didn't let me go back with dd. My dd is now 16 and will NOT be out of my sight for Dr. or Dentist...unless it is HER least for another year or so.

Lisa said...

I know that was terrible. It is a tough situation; kids usually are harder to deal with if a parent is present. They will try to get to that parent and/or cry way more because the parent is there. With someone they do not know well, they will do what is asked without the histrionics. And remember, it is growing experience for them; they realize that they can deal with a situation without mom present. More advice than you want, I am sure, but I know the helpless feeling. Take care.

Lisa Q

Kasey said...

Grrr! When we were choosing a dentist I was surprised to find that one dentist wouldn't let me go back with my kids. (They said it was a privacy issue!--That doesn't make sense.) I told them we would find another dentist, since I have promised my children that I will not send them with a stranger without one of us (parents) or possibly and older sibling accompanying them. Anyway we found another dentist who is wonderful...she lets me and any of my other kids come back. When the kids have work done, I am not in the room, but they have an observation window where the toddler and I can watch.

We are VERY blessed with our dentist.

Glad to know your situation is over though.

Thehotrod5 said...

That would URK me beyond ALL belief! We did have a dentist who would not allow me to go back with the kids. My kids had only been home from Haiti for a couple months. Katharine was only 3 at the time and did not even speak English. They didn't have food in Haiti much less Dentists and with my limited Creole there was no way to even begin to explain the situation to her. When we arrived at the dentist( a dentist whom I had been a patient for at least 6 years) would not let me go back with her. I tried to explain that she doesn't understand English very well and no-on in their office spoke creole. not to mention she had NO IDEA what was about to go on. They still would not let me go back with her. I turned around, daughter in hand and left the office to never return. We have since found Dentists that are absolutely WONDERFUL. My oldest 2 did go back by themseleves today. They are a husband and wife "team" so the girls in my family see the woman and the men see the male dentist. They are able to clean teeth at the same time to help save on time. My youngest still wanted me back there with her so back I went. The last time Maddie went (she was still 3) they let her sit on my lap in the chair while they cleaned her teeth :) I hope our new dentists NEVER retire :)


Donna(mom24boyz) said...

I have many different dentist for my children due to switches in our insurance, and I have not had a single one not allow me to be with my children. Even during a procedure such as your daughters. That is ridiculous. Stupid on the doctor's part too. I would want plenty of "witnesses" available if I was treating a child in anyway. IN this day and age you never know!

mom_of2boys said...

I'm glad things went well (for her). I probably would have cried too,if I wasn't allowed back. We just recently switched dentists because of insurance. I'll have to double check with them about going back with the kids. I won't make my kids go through that alone!

FromThe Creek said...

I am glad to hear that her cavity was taken care of and she is feeling better.

I would never let my kids go back without me either. I am very funny like that though and being a home schooling family, we can never be too careful.

My aunt is a dental assistant for a pediatric dentist and she says that it is normal for the dentist not to want the parents back there.

However, I remember when I was little and the doctor wouldn't let my mom come in when they we stitching up my lip. That traumatized me more than her presence would have.