Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How Can People Actually Believe This?!!

I came across this headline yesterday and it just stunned me that people (smart people) can actually believe such crap! The basic story is saying that life on earth could have developed (billions of years ago, by the way) from diamonds!! That's right, diamonds started life. That makes so much more sense than a God with order and design! Sometimes, this kind of stuff really gets under my skin.


Nessa said...

it's amazing what people will believe in order to keep from believing in God. They'd rather have come from something totally inane than from a loving, caring almighty being. I don't get it, but then, I believe In God and I thank him everyday that though my Mom had her faults, she did instill in me a love for him.

Tammy said...

I think whoever thought up that has been drinking!

Lisa said...

Seriously? It is sad what lengths people will go to to avoid saying there is a God. Aliens, big bang, diamonds, etc. Sad.

Lisa Q

Chelsey said...

rrriiiiggghhhttt.....diamonds.....uh huh....sssuuuurrrreeee

The Christian Fossil-hunter said...

Many of us trust that our God went to amazing lengths that we don't even understand to bring about life. I'm so glad he gave us the brains and clues to solve the puzzle, and beautiful metaphorical stories and histories that help guide our lives.

Not all scientists are Godless. In fact, most of us are further convinced of His wonder the more we learn.

(Said in total love and with respect for everyone's beliefs, just wanted to stick up for Science and those who pursue it, and perhaps help you tolerate us a little better so we don't "get under your skin" so much.)

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Christian Fossil-Hunter,

Thank you for input. I would like to clarify a few things for you.
First of all, I am a complete supporter of Science. I think it is absolutely necessary and proves more everyday that there is indeed a God of order and creativity. I believe God gave us our minds and Science to help discover more about him.
What I do not believe is that God created some small molecule that turned into a diamond which spawned life. Then, that life created all other animals and then monkeys turned into humans. THAT, I believe is completely and totally FALSE.
I believe in a 7 day creation where God was intimately involved in every detail of life.
Not all people who pursue Science "get under my skin". Just the ones who take a creative God out of the picture.

Kgraham said...

And this is why I homeschool too, well, one of the reasons... I like being able to sit down with my girls and talk about stuff like this, why it doesn't make sense, what does make sense, and look at it all through the Bible. Good stuff. :)