Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Easy Way to Get Mulitple Coupons

Let me preface this by saying that I used to buy 4 papers on the weeks that had really great coupons or lots of inserts. I have found that changing things up a bit has made a tremendous difference in the time I spend clipping and gathering.

There are a number of sites out there that sell "their services" to cut and send coupons directly to you. The benefit of this to me is that I can end up with 20 coupons for a particular item I love and none for something I would never buy.

I also figure that if I buy 4 papers, I am spending $6. If I spend $3 on an order of coupons that I know I am going to use all of, that is a much better deal.

Here's what I do:
I DO buy 1 paper on Sunday. I probably don't even need to do this. There is something controlling about me that won't let me just trust the internet for my coupon research.
Then, on Wednesday, I look through the store sale ads. If I find a sale that is extra great and something we buy anyway, I go to one of these sites and buy as many coupons as I want.
As long as I place my order by Wednesday or Thursday, I have plenty of time to receive them before the store sale is ended.
The 2 sites I look at both accept paypal for payment. This works out perfect for me.
The price for a coupon is typically in the range of 10% the value of the coupon. So, for a $1/1 or $1/2, the price of the coupon would be $.10.
The benefits of buying through
The Coupon Clippers
is that they are very fast with their delivery and they seem to have a large variety and quantity of coupons. They also have a wishlist feature that will notify you when a coupon you want is available for purchase. This site is probably the most user friendly.
The downside of this site is that your total before tax or shipping has to be atleast $3. I usually can get my total to that, but not always.
The advantage to using Coupons Are Cool (if you go there, be sure to put that clargaespada reffered you) is that there is no minimum amount for shipment and they offer a $.40 discount on checkout if you pay with paypal.
The downside to this site is that it offers expired coupons (for military families) and there is no way to sort those out. So, you have to be very careful to read the expiration date on the coupon you are searching for.

I hope this is helpful and will possible save some time and sanity for some of you out there :) It did for me.


Angel said...

I use CouponClippers, too, and I live in the same county so I get my magic envelopes super fast! It has significantly cut the time I invest on cutting my grocery bill down, and I recommend it to everyone who is considering coupon-ing. And with the economy being crap like it is, more and more people are trying it out.

Marin said...

Thanks! I have used Coupon Clippers once and it was great but I hate that $3 minimum. A friend and I were just saying we should pool our coupon needs into one order so we might try that. Thanks for alerting me to that other coupon site. I might give it a try. Have you bought any off E-bay and, if so, how did you find that experience?

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...


I have bought ordered coupons from ebay one time. Usually I find them to be more expensive by the time the auction ends (especially when you include shipping). The first time I tried it was for $2.25 electrasol coupon that was $.50 a piece at coupon clippers. I saved a little by going through ebay.


Kelly said...

wow...there is a lot out there for coupons! I need to start spending some time on this! thanks for the great info. you're a wealth of information in so many areas :)

Jen said...

This is seriously insane. You need to write a "How To" book! I would totally buy it! :)

Billie said...

thanks for this info...i've looked into the services, but didn't realize that they came in the mail that quickly!

i am in the middle of paper dilemma because the price of our home delivery is getting insane. i think it will be a pain for me to stop and buy one, so maybe the coupon would just be better (although there is somethinga bout having the paper fliers in hand)

Thanks for this info!

Amy said...

I'm going to try this. I've bought off of ebay before. I liked it but the auctions get kind of pricey, this sounds like a better deal.
Oh, and I never thanked you for getting me addicted to the CVS thing. Very Fun!
(the fact that I just said going to CVS very fun is kind of very weird!)

Billie said...

ok...i keep thinking about trying this. so you order them on wed/thur and they are there before saturday? or are you looking at stores that their sales start mid week?

i really wish you lived near me,because i feel like i've been doing good and have not gone above my $75/avg but i haven't been using many coupons lately. i always feel like i am missing something!!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...


I usually buy the coupons on Wednesday for the sales that start on Thursday and I usually get them by Saturday or Monday. For the CVS sales, I usually don't need extra coupons. But, if I do, I will order those on Sunday night and get them by mid-week.
Just to give you an example, yesterday I used over $30 in coupons when I went to Publix. I spent $40 and saved over $80 (in coupons and bogo). Actually, most of those coupons were printable, so I didn't have to order any this week.
What grocery stores do you shop at?