Friday, July 11, 2008

It's Quiet Around Here

Well, I am on day 5 with only 2 children. I must say, things are different. The amount of noise in my house has drastically changed.
Here are the things missing:

Jordan -
1. Hearing about 30 times a day the phrase "I Can't Do It" (you may wonder what. well, with him, it's everything and anything. he is the youngest of 4 and used to having someone do just about everything for him.)
2. Asking for a hug and kiss from Mommy. He is the only one my kids who thinks this a necessary part of the goodnight routine.
3. Nap time. I don't know what to do without having to schedule my day around nap time. It's crazy.
4. Running and screaming to the door when daddy walks in and the loudest "DADDY!!!" you've ever heard. They all are excited to see daddy at the end of the day, but Jordan brings it to a whole other level.
5. Fighting through each and every meal of the day. Oh, he can be a picky one. He is about as stubborn as any kid I know when it comes to meal time. We usually battle through each bite of each meal (unless it is pancakes, spaghetti, chicken fingers or taco salad).

1. Baby talk. She is my 7 year old but she reverts to baby talk any time she is trying to be cute or wants something.
2. Cuddling. She is such a love bug and loves to cuddle and be touching at all times.
3. Compassion. She is my kid that will run to get a band-aid when someone is hurt. She also sticks up for her mama anytime someone is complaining about me. Yes, that happens a lot around here.
4. Creativity. I have barely seen a picture drawn or paper out since we've been home. Avery doesn't go more than a couple of hours without drawing or coloring something.
5. Fighting with her little sister. Although she gets along pretty well with Morgan, Avery and Sydney can fight all day long.

I know those don't all sound like good things that are missing, but I still miss them. Life just isn't the same without 'em.
I can't wait to see them both tomorrow. I'm sure they are going to be spoiled rotten by then!!


Jaime said...

As I said before...I miss the noise and chaos! Go get them!!!!


Politi Gal said...

Great blog you have here! It must be great to have such wonderful kids! You looked totally fab by the way in that dress in your last post!