Monday, September 29, 2008

Wheel of Fortune - Part II

Well, I went yesterday for the call back. They start off having everyone say their name and then you play a quick version of the game with a room full of 100 people. They call names randomly to play and they are looking for you to call the right letters and be loud. That part went great! I even solved a puzzle.
Then, they hand out a written test. Here, you have to solve as many as you can (out of 20 puzzles) in 5 minutes. Most of the puzzles only have 3 or 4 letters already written down. You have to get atleast 50% of the puzzles correct in order to go through.
Well, after playing the game and taking the test, they cut the group from 100 to 15 people. I was one of the 85 :(
My mom and sister-in-law went back to audition the same day I had call backs. My friends, Brandi and Michelle, went with them too. My mom and Michelle's name got picked and they had a call back for today. Brandi somehow got herself picked without having her name called and went to a call back with her sister this morning.
Well, my mom and Michelle got cut at the same point I did. However, Brandi and Brittani were put through to the final audition. Now, they just have to wait and see if they get a letter in the mail asking them to be contestants. Congratulations girls!! I would love to have someone I know be on the show so I could be in the audience cheering them on.
My Wheel of Fortune auditioning days are not over though! If they ever come around here again, you better believe I will be at the auditions.


Southerner said...

My friend was on Price is Right and won a truck and then hit the 100 mark on the wheel and got an additional $1000. She is always so lucky! She is married to Daniel Moore's brother. Daniel is the one who does the famous Alabama football prints. My friend and her husband are Auburn alumni and have tons of Alabama prints in their home that were gifts from Daniel- it is so funny.

Brandi said...

I still haven't heard how your mom did?!

Thanks for the congrats. . .guess we'll know more in a couple of weeks! Who wouldn't want to play Wheel with a cheering section that included you!?! I just hope one of our Westwood Girls makes it on!