Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Morgan!!

My oldest daughter turns 9 today!! I can hardly believe it. She only has 1 more year in the single digits. Before I know it, she will be asking for the keys to the car!!! Oh, that is a scary thought.


9 years ago today, I was screaming my head off!! :0) I was determined to go drug free, but after 30 long hours of labor, I caved. Another 10 hours and you were finally there in my arms. I have to remind that story every year. If I didn't, I just wouldn't be a mom. Sometimes it feels like that was yesterday. Other times, I can hardly remember those days. You have grown to be a little girl with a heart for Jesus. I thoroughly enjoy hearing you learn and grow more every day. One of my favorite pictures of you is sitting on your bed with your Bible and journal in hand. What a sweet habit to start so early.
You love to have 1 on 1 conversations with any adult that will engage you and I'm pretty sure you think you are 14. Your outtake on life is that there is mom, dad, you and... the kids.
You are a born mother and homemaker. You love any opportunity to be "in charge" of other kids (especially babies). Sometimes, you handle this challenge with grace, other times you can be bossy just for the sake of being bossy. You also take great pleasure in cleaning, but only when you are in the mood.
You are very much like your mama. Unfortunately for you, that means I know all your tricks.
This year is going to be a lot of growing up for you. You continue to take on more and more responsibility around the house and you are forming more opinions of your own.
I pray that this year, you will get to know Jesus more intimately. I pray that you seek Him above everything else in your life. He is seeking you. I pray that you choose your friends wisely. I pray that you are shining example to others of Christ.

Happy Birthday baby girl!! I love you!



Lisa said...

Sounds like labor with my middle child. OH my! And now she is 14 going on 20. So mature and sweet.

Happy Birthday Morgan!

Lisa Q

Dearest Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Morgan!

Anonymous said...

Stumbled across your blog today and just had to tell you we have a bit in common! I too have a 9 year old Morgan. Three other kids as well so 4 like you. And I was born and raised in Florida. And I love Jesus too!

Jennifer in Oregon