Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Dog Really DID Eat My Homework

This is what happens when my dog finds a good book. The strange thing is that if he has a bone to chew on, he rarely chews on anything else. But, if it is just him and a book in a room, that book better beware. He has yet to destroy a library book or Bible. You won't want to see a picture of what I do when that day comes. We have lost a couple covers to some text books though.

So, I guess my kids might actually be able to use that age old excuse :)


Tara said...

Oh my another how I can relate. Except my book was a library book. Cost me $11.00, then they ask if I want to keep it. Husbands said yes it just cost me $11.00. This dog I have is driving me crazy with all he chews up. Trees, plants, my bumper trim on my truck, shoes, boxes, clothing and so on and so on. Why we have him still you ask? He keeps the pit bulls next door away. They use to chase my children.

Kim said...

Too funny! I bet he knew what he did was wrong afterward, too! Did he give you that pitiful doggy look that says, "But, you love me anyway, right?"

Brandi said...

Dumptruck ate a library book last month. AGH! I didn't think to photograph it though. . you're such a good blogger! haha