Sunday, September 14, 2008

"SPEAK!", The Musical... Starring Morgan

This weekend at church, the kids performed their very first musical. They have been practicing for months and it turned out really great! Morgan was one of the lead parts for the performances on Wednesday night and Sunday morning (first service). She did so great and I was so impressed by her acting skills.
Her sisters and cousin were in the choir also and they all did fabulous. They had so much fun and I could hardly keep from crying as I watched them all up there singing their hearts out about Jesus.
Unfortunately, we couldn't find our video camera this morning. I say unfortunately, but this morning, I was on the verge of tears. I was so disappointed that we missed the opportunity to record this. I did get a couple of short videos on my still camera and I will be hounding some other parents for copies of their video.

The basic storyline to the musical is that Emily (Morgan) just found out her parents are getting a divorce and is really upset. Her friend Hannah (Tori) tries to comfort her and share Jesus with her. In the end, Emily becomes a Christian and sings how Jesus is her King and Best Friend.
Here are some pictures to enjoy.

Morgan (left) and Tori (right)

Group shot
My Sydney girl
My Girls
Morgan's solo


Jaime said...

I was so proud!!! They were awesome! After 4 performances the tears finally started flowing for me on the last song. How incredible to hear children's voices singing "Jesus, You are My Best Friend. You will always be. And NOTHING will ever change that!"



Kelly said...

Yes, they did great!! What a moving experience! I think this will stick in their hearts... I know they will remember that Jesus is their best friend!

Brandi said...

They did SOOOOOO good! I LOVED the show! I cried a couple of times, for sure.