Saturday, September 6, 2008

Teaching - Week 2

We survived another week.  Things seemed to go much smoother yesterday than last week.  The scheduling flowed and the kids are getting used to the dynamics of the classroom.

Alas, I do have one funny story to share.  We were playing "Director Says" ("Simon Says" for Drama class) outside.  We have a courtyard directly behind our classroom that is surrounded with grass and trees.  It is a nice little area for us to have outside play, but there is one problem... ANTS!!  There are more than a few large ant piles right at the edge of the courtyard.  One in particular is a constant source of problems.  Every time we head outside, at least one of the kids manages to step right through it.  
Well, this was the case yesterday and I was explaining to the 5 kids close to me that they needed to stay away from the ant pile.  One of the little boys asked me why (apparently, he didn't hear me explain this answer the first 10 times).  Anyway, I explained again that if they got close to the ant pile, they could get all bitten up.  Well, this same little boy looks at me with great concern and says.. "Mrs. L!  Why do you have ant bites all over your face?!!"  He had so astutely noticed the teenage like acne covering my face right now.  My team teacher and friend thought this was the funniest thing she ever heard and added, "Yes, Mrs. L, you must have been attacked!!"  
I was told that I should take a picture of my face and add it to this post, but I decided to refrain and just let your imagination fill in the blanks.
Don't you just love the honesty and bluntness of children (and some friends, I guess).


Jaime said...

Still can't stop laughing. I hope you can come home each week with more great stories!!!

Oh, so funny!


Donna(mom24boyz) said...

My husband and I are both chuckling to this one! Too Funny!