Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Scissors Are For Paper!

I can't tell you the amount of times I have repeated this simple phrase. 1 child seems to hear it more than any of the others. It would be that artistic, creative, inquisitive, "middle child". Well, yesterday, we had the talk again.

This time, she decided to see what scissors + eyebrows would =. In case you can't imagine, her eyebrow now has a very bald spot right in the middle. I told her that I was going to have to think about what her consequence would be. But, I think she may have a natural consequence this time. She is actually very embarrassed now and is trying to loop her hair down far enough to cover up her eyebrows. She actually asked me to cut her bangs to cover it up.

Sometimes, the punishment really does fit the crime.

I have heard that this inquisitive/creative personality will be such a great thing as she gets older. Right now, I am just avoiding buying anything worth anything. There is no telling what she might destroy (or create) next :)


Stephanie said...

I am very happy that my children have never found a fascination with scissors and their hair... yet... oh, I hope I don't jinx myself!

Jaime said...

I just posted about your artisic little one on my journaling blog. But, it's about using her art skills correctly :)

I love it...Scissors are for paper, yes! And I had to tell Annalise yesterday...lip gloss is for your lips! She enjoyed squeezing a tube of lip gloss into her mouth yesterday. Why? Because it tastes yummy! Well, it's in the trash now!

Southerner said...

Ha, Ha, Ha. My 12 year old plucked the mess out of her eyebrows about two months ago, then she cut bangs. If you look at our recent photos I posted on the blog it is her messed up bangs job growing out. I can tell you that the older they become and the longer you are a parent the less important these events will become so don't become too angry with her. Let natural consequenses rule a lot of times. It is annoying but really no big deal(to you, hopefully she will die in public of embarrassment- enjoy that! Ha Ha)

Lisa said...

I managed to get through 3 kids with no scissor mishaps other than a Barbie getting a new do from the little brother!

Natural consequences are the best teachers and it allows us as parents to demonstrate mercy.

Lisa Q

Linda said...

I think the natural consequence of having it show should stand. No cutting the bangs or hiding it - heck, I'd make her wear barrettes for all the world to see!

Kari said...

She definitely is creative. Normally kids just try to cut their own hair. I cut my own hair as a child and my hair looked aweful for a while after. Hopefully her eyebrows will grow back quickly.

Donna(mom24boyz) said...

It least she isn't cutting on a siblings hair.

My 10 year old came to the dinner table. As he sat down I noticed he had a bunch of bangs missing. I looked at him in a surprised fashion and asked "Justin, did you cut your bangs?" He looked at me with confused look on his face and said "no???" Then he slapped his hands to his forhead and said "Oh, No I was taking a nap on the couch and when I woke up Timmy(our 5 year old) was standing their with scissors in his hand laughing!"

WE could not help laughing! It was funny! Needless to say Timmy was punished. Justin now knows to never sleep too soundly around his little brothers.

Ruth MacC said...

I am sorry, but I am laughing out loud....!