Thursday, July 2, 2009

T-Rex Cafe

On our Way
Here are the results of my new camera. Woohoo!! No more borrowing other cameras and having my pictures all over the place.

Well, I got it just in time to test it out for Jordan's last birthday celebration this year. My parents were not in town this last weekend, so they hadn't had the chance to celebrate with Jordan. So, on Tuesday, they decided to take him to the T-Rex cafe at downtown Disney. None of us have ever been there before, but we had heard that it was very cool. We were not disappointed.

Jordan loved every minute. From the outside decorations... all the way to where we were seated, he was in awe. This woolly mammoth was right next to our table.He was not scared at all. In fact, he wanted to touch them all and was a little disappointed that there were not REAL dinosaurs to pet. I love his little embarrassed expression here.A quick review:
The food was actually pretty good. A typical meal ranges from $15 - $30 for an adult. So, don't plan on getting out of there too cheap. But, the bright side is that the portion sizes are HUGE! I split an appetizer with my mom and we couldn't finish it. The burgers are mammoth as well. So, you don't have to break the budget for the experience if you plan to split a meal. I split the nachos and my dad got one of the burgers. Both meals got a thumbs up.
The atmosphere is definitely a sensory overload. It is LOUD at all times and there are constantly things moving and changing colors. Like always, Disney did a great job of bringing your imagination to life.


Jen said...

very fun! i really want to take Andon there when we come to town! i love the expression on his face too! so cute! :) miss you guys!

Jaime said...

Sweet Boy! I think the T-Rex Restaurant was probably the closest thing to Heaven for Jordan :)

Pamela said...

We walked through there with our kids...much more frugal!! :-) But thanks for the meal ideas. Good to hear that splitting things helps with the bank account!! Always a plus with 6 people. Glad your son had such a great time.
God bless, Pamela