Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Poor Garden!!

Yep, those squash are goners!! But, that's not all. It looks like we had the exact same problem with the cantaloupe. The leaves on the vines have gradually been getting darker with spots in the last couple of weeks. Well, a couple of days ago, all the leaves were brown and shriveling up. It wasn't much later that we noticed the 6 different fruits that were growing started to also shrivel up and die.

We didn't even get 1 cantaloupe from that bed!! I was so prepared the over-abundance but was left with nothing. I think we had the same issue with the cantaloupe because we started out with those growing on the ground in the bed. They didn't want to stay in the bed so we kept re-directing back in. When we did that, they started growing on top of each and around eachother. I think this allowed the plants to hold way too much of the ridiculous amount of rain we've been getting.

What a bummer! Now, we are down to all the tomatoes and green beans. The tomatoes are finally starting to turn red and we have picked several good ones. We have also picked several handfuls of green beans that cook up nicely. I was surprised at the amount of green beans though. We planted 18 plants and have not had anywhere close to enough to feed the 4 families who went to together. Next time, we will probably fill an entire bed with those.

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