Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July Fun!

We had a fun weekend this past weekend. However, we didn't really do anything much different than normal. We spent most of the day at my parents, the kids swam and we grilled out hamburgers and hot dogs. It was a typical Saturday afternoon during the Summer. It wasn't until evening when we brought out the fire, that things started to feel a little different.

Just imagine with me... 11 kids under 10, fire, muddy ground, hot and muggy outdoors (even after dark) and mosquito's. Awww, just the perfect combo for a 4th of July kind of night. We have learned from the past and made everyone wear shoes so that no one stepped in the Sparklers droppings, but somehow we still ended the evening with a few burn marks to the arm, crying children and chaos.

It wasn't all bad, I think some of the kids actually had fun. Most of the parents were exhausted though. Here are the few pictures I was able to capture amidst the craziness and smoke. We went to the golf course green behind my parents house. Lots of room for the lots of kids :)
Ethan wasn't crazy about the fireworksThe magic of sparklers

Good friends


Jaime said...

Who all got burned? We definitely had an accident free event, thank the Lord! Allison even ran around with her sparklers! Maybe when I get done with my "catching up" posts, I will get to our 4th pictures! Wish me luck!

Great pic of Jess and Joshua and Sunday and kids!!! Adorable!

Jen said...

What a fun night! I loved seeing the pics of the kids! Everyone is getting so big!! Miss you all and can't wait to see you soon!

I will be headed over there probably Friday the 24th in the evening. And I have to leave early Monday morning to head to Tampa to see Andon's Dr. there. That is the plan for now but could change. I will call you! :)
love you guys! jen

nate and liz said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! (literally) :) We didn't try to do firworks this year and I missed the chaos. ;) Maybe next year... Take care! ~liz