Friday, July 24, 2009

Full House

No, not the show... my house. This week/weekend we are having another family join our home. Our good friends are moving in on a temporary basis. Here's how it all came together...

They have been looking to buy a house. Right now, they are renting and wanting to move closer to this area of town.

We have not had any income for 6 months and, as you might imagine, having a hard time paying the mortgage.

So, they are going to move in, pay us rent (so we can pay the mortgage), and they are going to save up money for a down payment on a home of their own. I love that we both are able to help the other one out.

I know what you are thinking, "where is everyone going to fit"? Well, things will be a little tight, but it is going to work out good.

Their 4 year old girl is going to join my 3 girls and they are all going to share a room. There was already one set of bunk beds in that room and we just added another. So, 4 girls, 4 beds, 3 dressers, 1 table, 1 t.v. Ya, it's a little tight. Fortunately for them, this is the old master bedroom, so it is big enough to accommodate all that.

Their almost 2 year old boy is going to move in with our 5 year old boy. This room is much smaller but half the kids, so it works too.

Then, right across the hall, Jess and Nathaniel will have a room to themselves. They will share the bathroom with the boys.

Cory and I will still have the master bedroom upstairs and we will share the office/school room. Jess is also going to homeschool, so we added another desk and organized the room to fit all school supplies.

Cory and I realized as we talked about this possibility, that we have had people live with us 5 other times in the past 8 years. It's always an adjustment and involves flexibility from everyone, but it also can be a benefit for all parties involved. We are going into this situation with the understanding that we will not allow for this to ruin our friendship. We know there is potential to do so and we are ready to nip that in the bud.


nate and liz said...

AWesome! I know you guys will have fun. :)

amanda said...

The durand family wants dibs on moving in next -- call us.

love amanda

Ruth MacC said...

Good luck!

I slept in one bedroom with six other sisters:0)

I think it is great that you are all helping one another and I hope it goes well.

Flamingo Mama said...

wowsers! that does sound like fun though!