Monday, February 2, 2009

"Mommy, are bad people REAL?"

Jordan has been fascinated lately by Superhero's and good vs. evil. All day long he fights the bad guys and thoroughly enjoys dressing up as Spiderman, Batman, Luke Skywalker or a Power Ranger.
Today, however, he asked me a very good question...
"Mommy, are bad people REAL?"
Me: "Yes, they are."
Jordan: "Well, what planet do they live on?"
Me: (trying not to laugh) "Earth". Now, I am starting to realize that "bad people" in his head are super villains. So, I clarify.. "The bad people in the movies are not real."
Jordan: (with his most matter-of-fact voice) "Well, there ARE bad people on Saturn in the volcanoes"
Me: (now really trying not to laugh) "o.k."
Jordan: "Are superheros real?" OH MY!


Jen said...

adorable! i love that he has gotten into superheros! Andon is major on that stuff! he is actually playing spiderman on PS2 right now! oh my, did i just say that!? :)

Brittani said...

that is so funny. I love those kinds of conversations.
Playing off of that "super hero" theme is how Bradley REALLY started to understand God & satan. I used to talk to him about how satan is God's enemy which makes him our enemy, too. I talked about how God is so much stronger than "the enemy" & we never have to be afraid of the enemy b/c God can protect us... He is our Hero. Bradley totally understood that analogy. i was glad that I took the chance to make one of those "simple" conversations REALLY count. It may work with Jordan, too.
Anyway, such a funny story. I love that you wrote it down so you won't forget it. I have had so many of those stories with my kids, but I rarely remember them after a couple months pass. Good thinking :)

Betsy said...

Tell him his mommy is his superhero go with that as long as you can! Miss you guys!

Jaime said...

Wow! And I was just reading all the planet books to Annalise from the library. I must have missed the part about bad guys in the volcanos. I guess I should take another look :)

Flamingo Mama said...

tell him yes. i told mine that i am a super hero and have bionic hearing to know when they are sneaky or lying;)