Sunday, February 1, 2009

Madagascar II

Madagascar II finally made it to the dollar theater around here.  My kids have been so excited to see this and so have Cory and I.  So, we went to the matinee showing yesterday with some friends and family.
I was actually very disappointed.  We enjoyed the first movie so much and we can watch it over and over and still find it funny.  However, this sequel had tons of sexual innuendos, crude language, a story line that was lacking and what seemed to be... a hidden agenda.  
I am glad we only paid $1 for this movie.  What a bummer.
Tale of Despereaux is also playing there now.  I have heard mixed things about this movie.  We might try and check this out on Tuesday (all day it's only $.75/person).


Brittani said...

i agree about this movie. I was a little disappointed in what they allowed in this "KIDS" movie. I didn't find it terribly funny, either.
I also saw tale of desp.... I found it VERY DARK & scary for Anna. I wouldn't recommend it at all. Honestly, I wouldn't even pay $0.75 to see it

Jaime said...

I was wondering when this post would show up! I agree that the movie was a problem, especially when Gloria recieves the rather strange complimentary statement of "Is that your friend or is that your butt?" Can't wait for our kids to say that one!

As you Tale of Despereaux, Annalise said she thought it was a little scary at times (which surprised me considering she has seen many worse). But, I have also seen several other little children that I assumed would be afraid and LOVED it with no fear at all. I actually thought it was a cute movie.