Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Only Way to Stay Cool in Florida


We had 5 Free tickets to go ice skating that we have been holding on to for months. So, this last Saturday, daddy went skating with our kids, my brother and his kid and our friend with his kid. It was lots of fun. Although, I believe the dads didn't think they got the best end of that deal.
Apparently, holding a 4 year old all the way around the rink while they put all their weight on you and having 100's of zooming teenagers go by is not what they consider a ton of fun.
I don't know what they are talking about :)

Here is the motley crewAbbie figured out to atleast stand up pretty quickly. She loved it and stayed the whole time!Jordan never did exactly get the hang of it. He only lasted about 20 minutes and then he was ready to go. He said he wanted to do it again when all the ice was gone. He didn't like it being so slippery :)Holden and Morgan are old pros and love it (notice Morgan in a tank top)Sydney is getting really good. This is her 3rd time and she has figured out how to build some speed.Avery will do just about anything for her little brother, even if it means giving up some of her own skating time.


Jaime said...

Too cute! Looks like they had fun. What happened to your last picture with Daddy and Jordan?

Valarie Daly said...

I want to know what kind of "FUN" the moms had w/o any children? Did you do anything exciting??? Thanks for sharing the ice skating experience with their dads!

Brandi said...

So fun! I LOVE ice skating. . .I'm thinking Girls Night Ice Skating. . .waddya think?


Jen said...

Very fun!! I was just telling Jared that I wanted to take Andon ice skating today.

I had so much fun hanging out last week!! I miss you already! Thanks for letting us stay at your house! :)

Brittani said...

Adorable pictures, Cassie. Looks like you guys had fun. Ice Skating is hard with little ones. You basically just drag them around the ice & try not to fall down yourself. Not exactly the way I remember It from my childhood. Guess that's because I was the one being dragged around. ha ha ha