Friday, January 2, 2009

Univeral Studios

One of the benefits of living in Central Florida is having friends that work at theme parks. This
is why I don't believe I have EVER paid to go Disney or Universal (we did have annual passes to Sea World for a couple of years). Some friends gave us 2 free passes to Universal that expired on the 31st.
We've had the passes for about 3 months. But, of course, we hadn't used them yet. So, Cory
suggested that Morgan and I take a day and go just the 2 of us (what a sweet hubby!).
We quickly took him up on his idea. I passed out my other kids and Morgan I and were off!

We started off at Islands of Adventure because I was determined to get my girl to ride some good roller coasters.
Here we are on our way in
She thinks she's pretty funny :)She decided she wanted to go on Dr. Doom's Fearfall. It's like a free fall, only it shoots you up as fast as it can to 150 ft. in the air and then pulls you down faster than gravity. She has been on a kiddie free fall ride at Sea World and didn't think this would be much different.
As you can see, she is ready to go with no fear :)This is taken after the ride. I know she is still smiling, but it's the teary eyed look of fear that I see. She decided she really DIDN'T like that ride and DIDN'T want to ride it again!
Yes, she is about to get very wet... (the sign she is standing next to says "splash zone")Getting a picture with some "whos"End of the day and exhausted!!We went to both parks and rode lots of rides...
I never did get her on those roller coasters. Oh well, maybe next time.


Anonymous said...

Thats neat that you had a mother/daughter day! Happy Holidays to you and your family! Wanda

Kelly said...

What a sweet day! I love mother/daughter days!

Kari said...

So fun when you can have some one on one time. It doesn't happen often for us. Looks like a fun day and even better that you had free tickets!