Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Tree and Junk Food!!

We have a family tradition when it comes to decorating the tree and the house (passed down from Cory's family). My kids look forward to this every year and I think they enjoy this day almost as much as Christmas Day itself. What is so great about decorating the tree?! I'll tell you...
This is the one day of the year where we make pigs in blankets, 2 different kinds of chip and dip and chocolate candy as our meal. I just put all this food in the middle of the table and let the kids have at it. Normally, I am very big about "eat you veggies" and "you can't have chips unless you finish your sandwich". I also normally serve them and they can't have seconds until everyone has eaten. Not on decorating day though.
In fact, I believe the kids could mostly care less about the actual decorating. As long as they get the junk food, they're happy :)
But, they did help decorate this time. This experience has actually become so much LESS stressful over the years. Now that my kids are older, I am not nearly as worried about a broken ornament or the lights being stepped on and such.
Now, they are old enough to truly be helpful. In fact, Morgan and Avery put all the lights on the bushes outside. They may not be exactly how I would have done them, but I think they look great. No, they are not half done in the picture. They are blinking lights and those ones are off during the picture.
Here is Avery hanging "her" ornament

This is another tradition. Morgan has to wrap herself in lights.
Jordan putting on "his" ornamentSydney loves helping with the lights too!
Here is the finished product! Yes, we are all wearing short sleaves and shorts. It's 80 degrees around here!!
Daddy putting the angel on top


Jaime said...

The pic of Morgan is COOL!

Sherill said...

What a fun tradition! Junk food makes anything fun!

Kelly said...

Who needs a tree when you have Morgan!! :o) Have a good weekend!

Andrea said...

Great Pics.
My kids complain EVERYTIME we decorate the tree in shorts.;)
I totally know where you are coming from.


nate and liz said...

Sounds like my kinda day! It was so great seeing pictures of the kids! Wow! Can't believe how much they've grown!!! And I don't think I knew you had a son? SEeing those pics makes me want to go see you all in florida. Come out and see us sometime... make it a long homeschooling field trip. =)
Love ya, Liz

Ruth MacC said...

I love to read and see everybody's different traditions, any time of the year. The lights look good and the tree.


Flamingo Mama said...

what a great tradition! need snow instead of shorts!