Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Day

I wanted to share a few pictures from our Christmas day here in sunny Florida.
The weather was a warm 82 degrees on the 25th :(

This is our kids waiting in anticipation of what they are about to open. We always start with stockings and they all get them at the same time. After that, we hand out the presents one at a time. I have to see the reaction of each kid from each present. Otherwise, it just isn't worth it.
Morgan got a new ipod shuffle for Christmas. Don't worry, this is actually a hand me down from grandpa. Plus, she has been asking for an mp3 player for years now. She was so excited!
This is Avery in her new Jonas Brothers tee. She is a big fan as you can see. She also got a bedazzler that I was able to buy on ebay from my sales! She is the most artsy of my kids and has already ruined, I mean, enhanced 2 items of clothing.This is the year of superheros in our home as well. These are my other great finds from ebay. Sydney didn't take off her Wonder Woman outfit the whole day and Jordan hasn't gone a day without wearing his Spiderman costume yet.
At grandma and grandpas, we did mostly homemade gifts for Christmas.
The girls (including me) all got homemade jewelry from Aunt Kourtney and Aunt Jessica. I liked it all enough that I am planning on borrowing my kids jewelry too.The boys got homemade blankets from Aunt Jessica with their favorite football team as the fabric. Jordan loves it and has decided he can't go to sleep without it now (Go Dawgs!)All the kids got homemade pj's from grandma and grammy (a couple not pictured here)


amanda said...

Can I borrow the Wonder Woman costume? I always loved that show.

love amanda

Jackie Sue said...


Jaime said...

I definately love the Wonder Women outfit! AWESOME!

Valarie Daly said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us! The pictures are so cute!

nate and liz said...

Hey there!

Thanks for the compliment on my pics! I'm a photographer in my dreams.
Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas, filled with good food, fun, and family! One thing, shouldn't you be wearing that wonder woman costume? Looks like you pulled off a pretty awesome Christmas celebration and found some sweet deals!
Oh yes, one more thing... can I go ice skating too? =) I've been trying to talk Nate into going for the past 5 years! Might actually happen in 2009!
Happy New Year!