Monday, October 13, 2008

Kung Fu Jordan

Jordan loves this little Karate dress-up outfit. His sister had the bright idea of making him look like a "real" karate man. He was all for it. So, they used their dress-up princess make up (don't tell daddy) and drew a mustache, beard and some kind of strange eyebrows. Oh, and the hair dew is courtesy of Avery.
I don't know why this looks like a karate person, but it does to him. I love how serious he looks about it.


Southerner said...

For a sumu wrestler take a (I would use new) pair of black panty hose. Stuff the legs to about the thickness to make thick strands of hair- about an inch or two diameter. Then, twist the two legs and tie up in a top knot. Google sumu wrestler if you need some ideas of what to make the knot look like.

Thrifty Florida Mama said...

Cool costume Jordan! Cassie, I have a Winn-Dixie coupon to send you today, do I have your addy? You can email me if not. I also thought your readers might be interested in some great toy deals I got at amazon. I posted it this morning. Have a great day!


Jackie Sue said...

too cute! I also love the bird story. Aren't kids the best? :)