Saturday, October 11, 2008

If You Go Out, Use Coupons!

Last Tuesday night, we decided to have a family night out with the kids.
First of all, I had bogo coupons for a local burger joint that we love. I had 3 coupons and there are 6 of us. Perfect! So, we headed there for dinner. Plus, I only spent $24 on groceries this week, so I didn't feel bad about going out to eat.Secondly, I have been saving some putt-putt "free game" coupons for almost a year now. I had 3 of them. Then, I got this coupon book that had bogo coupons for the same putt-putt place. Well, that allows 5 people to play for the price of 1. Then, I found out that children under 5 are free. So, all 6 of us were able to play for the price of 1.
Daddy showing his mad skills
Morgan was just as much a perfectionist here as anywhere. She was disappointed if it ever took her more shots than mommy and daddy.Avery had so much fun (other than the golf ball in her face - she always has been my accident prone child).Sydney was really getting the hang of it.Jordan insisted he could do it by himself! I gave a little help when he wasn't looking (sh, don't tell) just to move things along. This turned out to be a savings of $40 for our family! I was actually very surprised at how expensive it is to play now. It is normally $11/adult and $9/kid. Maybe it's just the frugalness speaking, but that seemed crazy to me for 1 1/2 hours of playing. But for $9 total, definitely worth it.

We had a great time and they kids are old enough that they all were able to play by themselves (most of the time). We did have that one golf ball collision to the face. But, other than that, we had a fairly smooth evening. It was great to get out with just our family for the night and do something fun. We rarely do things like that, so it is always a big deal. As we got in the car, all the kids kept talking about how much fun it was and asking if we could go back.


Kelly said...

I'm very impressed! And I love the pictures! I think it's so cute that you can get your whole family in a self portrait! We seriously need to go to Aquatica before it gets cold!

Dearest Jessica said...

who is that bald guy?

the rest of them are so cute!

Flamingo Mama said...

awesome awesome!!!

Jared, Jen and Andon said...

What a fun family night! It's so wierd to see your family out without any others! I love that you got a picture of each kid playing putt putt. Too cute!!