Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Avery!!

As is our tradition, Avery got to choose her birthday meals and we had a menu of:
Breakfast - Pancakes, eggs, bacon
Lunch - McDonald's (the one time a year she gets a kid's meal)
Dinner - Homemade Pizza (from scratch)

So, we started the day at grandma and grandpa's for breakfast. Then, I headed to the park with the kids. It was an impromptu trip. But, I am glad I brought my camera. I got lots of great shots of the kids. Here are just a few:
We fed the ducks, played on the playground and just had a fun time. Then, we headed back to pick up grandpa and met grandma and daddy for lunch.
After that, we headed back to grandma and grandpa's and the kids got the day off from school and went swimming while I started on dinner and cake.
Avery is so excited about this birthday. She decided to ask for $ to go towards the beginning of gymnastics class. We talked to all of our kids about this idea. We knew we couldn't afford to put 4 children into 4 different activities. So, we gave them the option of asking for cash to set up a fund toward whatever activity they choose.
I knew this was going to be a piece of cake decision for Avery. She LOVES gymnastics and has been wanting to be in a class for a while now. Once we decided to go with the birthday/Christmas money idea, she could hardly contain her excitement.
I am actually excited for her too. I think she has such a natural talent and has been learning from her aunt Jaime for several years now. So, be on the look out for her "1st gymnastics class" post.

The only other thing she has been asking for is a telescope. She has been asking for this for at least 6 months. She was pretty sure that she wasn't going to get it. She even asked God to help her stop asking for one during her bed time prayers one night. Little did she know that mommy saw one on sale at CVS last month.To go along with this theme, she asked for a space cake. With the help of some friends, this is what I came up with:
Yes, we ended the day at (you guessed it) grandma and grandpa's for birthday dinner/family party. She ended up with her 1st month of gymnastics and registration fee completely paid for by the end of the night! We had a great time celebrating with family.


You are such a fun personality in our home. You keep things exciting and different. You are the only one of our kids that truly seems to be a home body. You actually miss daddy and me when we are gone. You also love spending time with just our family or having a date with mommy or daddy. You are our big time love bug and could cuddle all day long. I love to watch the way God has imprinted Himself on you. He has given you such a sensitive and caring spirit.
You also are our in-home acrobat. You don't know how to pick up anything off the ground without going to the ground in a hand stand or cartwheel.
You keep me guessing all time. You make school an interesting time. I constantly am spotting you distracted by whatever is out the window at the moment or by the grain of your desk. You make me laugh and I love ya!!
I am so looking forward to seeing how your relationship with the Lord is strengthened this year. You have already shown a heart that is turned toward Him.

I Love you!!


Jennifer C said...

What great pictures of the kids...they are adorable!! Love the idea of money to go towards an activity! Glad Avery had such a fun day!!:)

Jaime said...

Incredible pictures of my nieces and nephew (I'm printing one to frame)! Happy Birthday Beautiful Avery!!!

Aunt Jaime

Kelly said...

Happy birthday Avery!! Great cake mom!!

brooke said...

I don't know what it is about birthday posts but I get teary every time. :-) It looks like she had a great day! I love your creative ways of making their day special. I love the pictures at the park. I really need to get pics of the girls. Jess and I were talking about finding a pumpkin patch (or some place) to get pics. We should all plan a date!

Livin' out loud said...

WOW!! Great pic of the kids in the trees!!!