Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gymnastics Class

Friday was Avery's 1st class doing gymnastics. I cannot even tell you how excited she was. She was giddy and loved every moment. It really is hard to get pictures as she is practicing because I am not allowed in the gym. I could watch from upstairs through a glass wall. So, these are the best pictures I could come up with then.
Here is Avery stretching (on top of someone else by the way) and her cousin is right next to her)
Afterward, I asked if I could get some better pictures with the coach and she posed below.Avery did great! In fact, she started at Level II and she was the best one in her group on floor exercises (thanks to aunt Jaime!!). Her coach said she will probably move to Level III in a couple of weeks (depending on how she does with the bars and beam).
I was so proud of her! It was so fun to see my little girl with so much confidence and doing so well. With her being the "middle child", she struggles to find something that she can call her own and do better than either of her sisters. Well, she has definitely found her niche.
I look forward to seeing how this experience strengthens her and teaches her discipline and teamwork.


Flamingo Mama said...

my body hurts just looking at that!

Valarie said...

I love it!! It brings back great memories. My mom was a gymnast, my aunt was a gymnast from jr. high up till she graduated from Pitt having a gymnastic scholarship. And I did it for 5 years! Let me know if she has any shows or competitions, I would love to see her!

Jaime said...

Go Avery!!! Let's work on those bars tomorrow at the park! I'll bring the chalk :)

Level III here we come!!!

Aunt Jaime

Mimi said...

Yea Avery!!!! Look at my big girl! And you started at Level 11 just like you had hoped! We are so proud of you!


Mimi & Papa

Dearest Jessica said...

She is going to be amazing!