Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Math is DONE!!

We officially finished the Saxon math book for Morgan yesterday. We still have a couple things left before we are completely done with school but it sure feels good to have that book out of the way. I am very ready for Summer!!


Art Reed said...

Congratulations Morgan,

You are ready for a great summer. Your successful completion of Math 54 tells me that you will be prepared for Math 65 next Fall.

If you stick with John Saxon's math books, I promise you that you will enjoy and master mathematics.

Mr. Reed
Former Saxon Math Teacher

nate and liz said...

I remember my Saxon math days... I know the feeling of relief Morgan! :) And, as I've said before, keep up the garden blog! I'm watching and learning! :) ~liz

Jackie Sue said...

man, do i remember what a great feeling that is! way to go team!

Pamela said...

We will be finished with Math on Friday, and then just one more Science lesson and Spelling list for next week and finished!!!! Can't wait for summer! Hope you have a blessed one, enjoying the fruits (and veggies) of your labor. Your garden looks great!
God bless, Pamela

dana914s said...

Hi, I follow your blog all the time and I am looking for advice on homeschooling, I have 3 little ones ages 3.5 and under and am pregnant with our last. LOL But any advice you can give me would be awsome, honestly I have no clue where to start. I am in florida too so the rules may be the same unless its different county to county. Thanks so much!!