Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Garden Journal - Week 7 - A Little Remodel

We have been working this week! Jess and I (mostly Jess), spent a good bit of Monday re-modeling the garden.

We decided the cantaloupe were in desperate need of a trellis. They were NOT staying the bed and they were growing on top of eachother causing the ones underneath to start rotting. There were also several bugs hiding under there that were doing damage to our great vine. Once we got all the vines untangled and laid out, we weeded out all the rotting and dead ones. We also put Sevin pesticide all over the plant (so much for an organic garden). Then we put a trellis on either end of the bed and connected them in the middle. We wrapped all the vines up the trellis and this is the new look...I'm not sure if you can see it in the picture, but there is 1 cantaloupe that is already about 3 inches long laying on the wood in front in the middle. There are lots of other small cantaloupes coming along as well.

The green beans are looking great! No bugs there anymore (we didn't even have to use the Sevin). We actually were able to pick our very first green bean on Monday. We cooked it up and split it in half :) There are lots of other beans that are coming and should be ready to harvest soon.The squash needed a lot of work too. They were growing on top of eachother and all the squash on bottom was not getting pollinated and was dying. So, we went through and cut out all the dead, rotting branches and squash and decided to tie the squash up a little and go a little more vertical. We read that vertical is possible with squash. We did have to be VERY careful though because the stems break extremely easily. The squash were also showing signs of mildew on the leaves. We are hoping that the clearing out will help some with that. If not, I read that diluted milk is a natural anti-fungal and I will spray that.The tomatoes continue to look pretty good. They needed a little weeding as well, but there are lots of little tomatoes growing. We did pick off about 5 of the green ones and made some fried, green tomatoes. They were very good and we fried some squash along with them.To read the entire garden journey, just click here.

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Dearest Jessica said...

I can't beleive it's only been 7 weeks! Bumbed to not be able to go pesticide free...oh well. At least we have some food! I am still sore!