Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Great Weekend of Growth

This last Friday and Saturday, I went to a conference at our church. It started on Friday evening. Most of the women went home Friday night and came back the next morning, but a couple friends and me decided to make it a sleepover at the church. We brought blow-up mattresses and just made ourselves at home. The only problem was that the church does not have any showers. So, in the morning we had to freshen up the European way :)

Anyway, the next morning we started again at 9 and went all the way until after 8 p.m. It was such a great time of refreshing my relationship with the Lord and VERY needed.

The overall theme was learning how to love God from a child like perspective. We focused on those verses that talk about having the faith of a child and only being able to enter the kingdom of Heaven if we are like these children. Then, we broke that down and discovered what that really looked like.

It was so eye-opening for me. God really used this time to reveal some stuff to me that needed revealing a long time ago. For some reason, He is just patient enough to wait around until we FINALLY figure it out. Praise the Lord!!

I think one of my favorite parts was the 45 minutes of silence. We were challenged to learn the spiritual discipline of silence. In our society, we want so badly for there to be music playing or the t.v. on or to be talking to someone. But, silence? We don't do that very well. I have to say, that 45 minutes of silence was like a breath of fresh air. God spoke more clearly to me than I have been able to hear in a long time.

Thank you, Abba, for pursuing me and finding me and not giving up on my lazy and stubborn heart.


Jackie Sue said...

Love this post!!! When I moved to the country I learned how much I was craving was such a new discovery for me too. I celebrate the beauty of silence and hearing God speak right along with you.

Kelly said...

Good post! My time w/the Lord has been refreshed this week! I need to keep practicing the spiritual discipline of silence!

Pamela said...

God is SO GOOD and patient with His people. Thanks for sharing your heart with us. I have wanted to know for a while now, what church do you and your family attend? We have really enjoyed living in Florida thus far (6 months now) and are so greatful to the Lord for His leading us here. Maybe one of these days we can connect and meet each others families. God bless!! Pamela (formerly from Oregon, now lovin' Florida)

Sherill said...

It was a much need time with the Lord for me too! Thank goodness our "Abba" continues to pursue us like the princesses we are when we get so consumed by this world! Had a great time connecting with you ladies too :)

Brandi said...

Love this. . .keep sharing. These are my favorite posts. . .I love the glimpses of what God is teaching / sharing!

Love you,

nate and liz said...

Amen sister! I am so glad I serve such a persistent, jealous, loving Lord!

Jennifer C said...

I could use one of those weekends!:)