Sunday, March 15, 2009

Box Checker

Are you one? I am.

In order to control every aspect of life, I have a list of boxes that I want to check off every day. The good side of this is that things normally get done that I want done. The down side is that when I live life that way, my heart isn't in it. That may work fine for doing the laundry and the dishes. It doesn't work out so well for the list that counts:

Read the Bible - check
Pray - check
Spend time with my husband - check
Teach my kids - check
Spend time with my kids - check
Sex - check
Go to church - check
Teach Sunday school - check
Lead small group - check

God has been challenging me in so many areas of my life and showing me how little it counts THAT I get it done but how much it matters HOW I get it done.

I don't know if you are a box checker too. I do know that is not what God intended and I look forward to Him teaching me HOW to do it better.


Mrs Marcos said...

How do you squeeze sex in between spending time with kids and church?


amanda said...

Do not answer that first comment - we do not want to know that.

love amanda

Flamingo Mama said...

previous comments are too funny.

this does hit home for me though big time!

Jaime said...

Great post! And Oh My! to the first two comments!

Andrea said...

I think your husband may not care HOW you get #6 done as long as it gets done!!!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Oh, I must say, #6 has been a lot of fun this week :) I have not just been checking that box. My heart has definitely been in it. It's amazing the difference that makes.

amanda said...

You make it sound so great - you know what -- I'm going to do #6.

love amanda

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Go for it Amanda!! If you've never read the book Sheet Music, I highly recommend it. Actually, even if you have, read it again :)

Andrea said...


Dearest Jessica said...

who care about all the sex talk, I want to know why I am not on that list!!!!!!

Brittani said...

What a great reminder... thanks, Cass. I find it hard to stop and LIVE in the middle of all of the stuff that needs to get done in life, too.

Kari said...

I love this post (and the comments are pretty funny also). Such a great reminder it is how we did things. I seem to always need this reminder in my life. Thanks!

mom24 said...

I am a box checker and this post rings true to my heart. This is always something the Lord is trying to teach me. THanks for this post!

Kelly said...

Crap - one more thing to work on...check. Just kidding - I look forward to see what God is teaching you in this, and then you can teach me :)