Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Let me just say that Math is absolutely, most definitely my favorite subject. I am a big time left-brainer! All the way through college, math was always my easy A class. Now that I am my children's teacher, it continues to show as my passion and strength. Reading and English is another story. Actually, I'm not crazy about History or Science either. Ok, really, I'm just good at math. The other stuff I'm learning again as I teach. I actually get to teach a high school homeschooler his pre-cal, trig while his mom teaches my girls their school one day a week. It works out pretty good.

Oh, I also really don't like anything messy (that's why the pie baking was such a big deal). So, crafts are rarely done around here. Anybody have an idea for a mess-free, easy craft? I'll trade for some math tips.


Dianna Mason said...

Hey Cassie,

So glad you are blogging now. I can keep up with you too! My classes are almost over with only one week to go!!!!! Next semester I will intern full time at a middle school math class. I can't wait. I enjoyed my time with the 9th grade Algebra students at Olympia High School.

Ok, no real help with the mess free craft, but one of the things that I use to keep the mess under control is to line the table with a table cloth from dollar tree. You just pick up the table cloth with the whole mess and throw it away. If the mess is a "dry" one then just empty in the garbage and reuse the tablecloth. I also hang a plastic grocery bag on the back of the chairs and cut paper over the bag. I have ladder back chairs so I don't know if your's are like that or not. I always use a grocery bag like that when I am sewing and throw all the thread in there. Works great! Have a blessed day!

P.S. Pray for me at 5:00, I have an important Geometry test that I need to do well on!

Jess said...

How about finger painting? HAHAHAHA