Sunday, November 25, 2007


This year my 2 oldest girls have the opportunity to be on the Spirit Club Team at the Homeschool umbrella school we are part of. They go to 4 classes on Mondays from 9 - 1:15. They love having a little time away from mommy and I love someone else helping me teach the subjects I am not very good at. Well, this is this first year they have had the chance to be part of a Spirit Team and they love it! Who says you miss all the group sport activities as a homeschooler? It has been so fun to watch them develop in this area. And, they couldn't look cuter in those uniforms!!


Anonymous said...

How cool that your group offers that! I never feel like we're missing out on anything-positive that is.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Billie said...

I'm jealous...we have no homeschool type of schools around here...only co-ops. Our area does not have many options in regards to schooling...this is the best of both worlds!