Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Avery's 11th Birthday!

Yes, I am catching up on these birthday posts :)
September and October are crazy birthday months around here. But, last week, Avery celebrated her 11th birthday. The day of her birthday (Friday), we were in NC (see last pic). So, to celebrate with the Orlando crew, we waited until Sunday for lunch.
She asked for a cookie cake with icing on top. And, that is exactly what she got with her name written in chocolate chips!

We had a fun day celebrated her life and the difference it has made in ours! Avery, you have the most serving and sensitive spirit I know. I love you and Happy Birthday!
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Dearest Jessica said...

Can't believe she is 11! She hasn't really developed a teenage attitude. I love that about her! Such a joy to watch her grow up!

Leslie said...

What a sweeeeeet family! Looks like she loved her birthday! October is a beautiful month (and my birthday month as well :)

Happy birthday to your daughter!