Thursday, July 22, 2010


Last month, my pastor preached a sermon about intimacy (spiritual, soulish and physical) in all our relationships. The timing was perfect for me and God spoke directly to my heart during the entire service. I have been struggling with life in general lately. I didn't realize how much MORE difficult it was going to be for me once Cory started working. Now, we are both working (opposite schedules) and time together is few and far between.

One of the main points that stuck out to me is the order our intimate relationships should be in:


It only took me one look to realize how out of order I had that. God has been on the back burner for a couple months now for me. I get to him when I can and intimate is definitely NOT a word I would use to describe my relationship with Him.
The rest of my relationships have not been in a very good order either. So, I look to Cory to fulfill something only God can fulfill and I look to my friends to fulfill something only God or my husband can fulfill.

Guess what?! It doesn't work out very well. I ended up trying to figure out why I was disappointed, let down and lonely. Well, it was because I was expecting things that were unreasonable and I didn't even know it. This continues to be a learning journey for me and I often have to do a self check and re-arrange again. My prayer is that God will continue to soften my heart toward him and make me sensitive to his calling in my life.

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Jackie Sue said...

rings true Cass....go with your plan! Love you