Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jordan is 6

On June 27th, my little boy turned 6. He had a great day filled with big breakfast (his favorite meal of the week), Papa Johns pizza (he likes it better than the good stuff) and family and friends. He even had his 2 good friends, Jakob and Andon come for a sleepover. He really loves having more boys around. Between his 3 sisters, and 2 girl cousins, he is always looking for a little more testosterone to balance out. He had a lot of fun and I can hardly believe he is 6.


You have the sweetest disposition and I thoroughly enjoy being your mom. With 3 big sisters and girls at every turn, you have learned how to turn playing House and School into a super-hero game. You can be as easy-going as they come until you decide to take a stand and then no-one can change your mind. You are ALL boy and a momma's boy. You state very clearly that there is only 1 girl allowed to kiss you... your momma!

I look forward to watching you grow this year and I pray that your heart will become tender to a saving knowledge of Jesus. I am so thankful that God completed our family with you. We could not imagine life without you!

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