Friday, February 19, 2010

Sydney is 8


You have made our home more fun and crazy. You bring laughter to the hardest situations and you are not afraid to embarrass yourself if it will make someone cackle. You have strong opinions that seem to change every day :) You ask questions about EVERYTHING. You want to know every detail about everything that is going on or might possible go on or have already happened. I think you might just be a reporter or investigator one day. You have a compassionate spirit and you are willing to give up a prized possession to someone you love. You do everything with fervor. You love bigger and stronger than most people I know. You already have developed a passion for people who do not love Jesus and you are not afraid to tell others about him. You are a complete and total odd ball and proud of it!! I love you and I am so glad God chose to add you to our family in His perfect timing. Love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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