Thursday, February 18, 2010

Breathing Room

Our home that has been filled with 10 people for the last 7 months is back down to 6. Our friends found a house around the corner for sale and closed this last Tuesday.

It has been great to be able to co-habitate and help eachother financially, but both families were ready for a little more breathing room. But, not too much... They needed to stay within walking distance :)

So, now the great debate with my girls is who is going to have their own room.

I also am teaching Morgan how to make a few dinners from beginning to end so that she can do the cooking the days that I leave before Cory gets home. She is excited and had her first chance to show her stuff tonight. She made dinner, fed all the kids and was in the process of cleaning by the time her daddy arrived. I just need to remember this the next time she gives me that pre-teen attitude.


Leslie said...

Wow! It must feel like you live in a mansion now! (To both families in your respective homes!)

It's wonderful that the Lord provided for that period of time.

I pray that the Lord continues to provide in amazing ways as you all navigate crazy schedules and multiple jobs... I know all about it!

Flamingo Mama said...

catching up on your blog!! it looks awesome!! so glad to hear that life is getting back to normal.

i just was thinking of you because i am giving my 1st frugal talk at a moms' group tomorrow! i am now where doing as good as you at groceries...i haven't been as anal crazy as i was before, but are still doing $50 a week? you are amazing! i'm happy to be at $100...dare I go back to $75? i don't know ....seems like a challenge these days:)