Saturday, December 26, 2009


This is our year to travel to Georgia for Christmas... So, we actually opened gifts 4 different times! We started on the 12th of December to exchange with Jarrett/Jaime before they left for PA.
My mom, grandma and sister made all these pj's by hand. They are so talented and the pj's turned out too cute!

Then, on the 22nd, we had the gift exchange w/ my Orlando family. This year, we let the 4 big kids take turns and read a portion of the Christmas story.
There was lots of cotumes... including a couple doctors :)
Then, on the 23rd, we had the gift exchange with just our family before we got on the road to Georgia. We always have a picture of all the kids on the couch holding their stockings before we begin.
Jordan said that opening the stockings is more fun because there is more stuff in them :)
We headed to Georgia on the 23rd and had our final gift exchange on Christmas morning with Cory's family.
Here are some pics of my kids playing with some of their favorite things.
This is Avery's doll that you can dye the hair and color on the clothes. How fun is that?!
Jordan loves the Leapster. His sisters have each had one for several years now and he is so excited to have a Red one for himself.

He was so excited that he couldn't contain himself and he ran and jumped in her arms.Morgan loves this "Liv" doll. I still don't really know what it is, but she sure does.
Sydney now has her own American Girl doll. Both her sisters, her cousin and her friend all have one and she has been wanting one for about a year now. She was very excited.
Nothing like a toasty fire and cold toes.

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